• Station No. 14 is located at 3800 W. and California Ave. (1285 S.) It went into service on May 18, 2018.
  • The two-story building is about 17,100 square feet, and it includes a four-bay 5,770 square-foot garage for housing an emergency apparatus.
  • Station No. 14 belongs within the City Council District No.1. The city council representative in this area is Andrew Johnston.
  • The former Station No. 14, located at 1560 Industrial Road, is being remodeled as part of SLC Fire Logistics and Training Campus. The renovated Station No. 14 will accommodate offices and firefighter class work.
Energy Efficiency
  • The station is a Net Zero, LEED-certified, Gold facility. It uses solar features, specialized insulation, natural light, and other energy-saving items.

    The rooftop of the Station No. 14 includes a photovoltaic array of more than 300 panels totaling 110 kW
  • A Net Zero building creates as much energy as it consumes, which is key in Salt Lake City’s 100 percent renewable-energy goal which is anticipated will create long-term environmental and economic benefits.
Station History
  • The first Station 14 was built in 1968 on 1560 S. Industrial Road, the site of the old Remington Arms Plant, a munitions plant left over from WW II.

  • On the property was the concrete shell of the old manufacturing building, and the purchase of the property included future plans to convert it into a training center.

  • The first Station 14 was constructed to address the growing need for emergency response to the southwest quadrant of city, which was growing rapidly with new industrial and manufacturing businesses.

  • During its 44 years as an active fire station, Station 14 has seen its run volume and response area steadily grow.

  • Station 14 has adapted to its ever-changing response district by adding ALS capabilities in the late 90’s and wildland interface firefighting capabilities with the addition of two auxiliary apparatus stationed there.

  •  In the mid-80s, Station 14’s grounds became the site for the first recruit training classes (with the addition of a trailer for classrooms). Prior to this, firefighter training had been on-the-job, and had a very steep learning curve.

  • The advent of a training center enabled recruits to become familiar with the tools, apparatus and standard operating procedures for an emergency response, and it greatly enhanced safety.

  • Through the years, training center has continued to expand and improve, with a remodel of the old plant to include modern training spaces and computer-controlled, natural gas props.

  • The training center located by Station 14 is used by not only Salt Lake City firefighters, but by firefighters from other departments throughout the valley. It has expanded to include outdoor training props as well, including rail cars, vehicle extrication areas and live burn props. After de-commissioning,  the old Station 14 will live on as the new training headquarters, allowing future recruits the experience of responding from and training in what was once a front-line fire station.

  • In Summer 2016, Salt Lake City broke ground for a new Station No. 14.

  •  Construction was of the 3800 W. California Ave Station No. 14 was completed in May 2018. The new facility,  designed by Blalock and Partners, was dedicated on Thursday, May 17, 2018, and went into service on Friday, May 18, 2018.
  • Station No. 14 is the first-ever, Net-zero energy, LEED certified, Gold fire station in the country.