ATTENTION: News Desk / Assignment Editors

MEDIA HOTLINE: 801-550-0121

INCIDENT TYPE: HazMat/Evacuation

LOCATION: Emma Eccles Jones Medical Research Building

Salt Lake City Fire Department responded to a HazMat incident around 5 p.m. this evening at the U656 Emma Eccles Jones Medical Research Building, located at 15 N. Medical Drive (1830 East).

Two individuals suffered chemical-burn injuries in an explosive chemical reaction that included Red Fuming Nitric Acid. The victims followed decontamination protocol, self-evacuated, and walked to University of Utah Hospital’s Emergency Room.

The incident occurred on the building’s third floor. However, the entire building was evacuated. The HazMat incident was cleared around 7:30 p.m. However, cleanup is expected to continue through the night.

According to University of Utah media relations, individuals are now being allowed to come and pick up their things on every floor except the third floor. It is anticipated that those who do research onsite will be able to return in the morning, at regularly scheduled arrival times.

Further media inquiries regarding the incident should be directed to contacts listed on:


CAUSE: Incorrect mixture causing a chemical reaction

ORIGIN: Laboratory on the third floor of the U of U Medical Research Building


RESPONSE TIME: 10 minutes; EVACUATION: More than five hours

MUTUAL AID: University of Utah Hospital and University of Utah

INJURIES: Two suffered chemical burns, their condition has not been disclosed

DOLLAR LOSS: Undetermined