ATTENTION: News Desk / Assignment Editors

MEDIA HOTLINE: 801-550-0121

INCIDENT TYPE: Residential Fire

LOCATION: 1936 S. 1300 East, Salt Lake City

A fire was reported at 4:30 a.m. this morning by homeowners at 1936 S. 1300 East.

The call to 9-1-1 reported the smelled smoke coming from their basement; the callers feared their 21-year-old son may have been trapped.

Crews thoroughly searched the home and worked with the family to find victims. However, no one was found. It is believed that the 21 year old was not inside at the time of the incident.

Upon receiving the call, firefighters quickly arrived on scene and put out the very small fire that originated in a basement crawl space. The fire was estimated to be only about two feet by two feet.

The cause of the fire, as well as the cost of damage, is still under investigation.

Twenty four firefighters, Salt Lake City Police, and Gold Cross medical transport were on scene to assist.

The 1300 E. roadway between Westminster and 1700 S. was closed to traffic for several hours.

CAUSE: Under Investigation

ORIGIN: Basement crawl space



RESPONSE TIME: 5 minutes


DOLLAR LOSS: Undetermined